The same ol’ same ol’ gets better

Do you ever feel like you go into the grocery store, you come out of the grocery store, and you always have exactly the same food? I even tried yesterday to go in yesterday with my eyes open, looking for stuff I never buy, and still I came out with exactly what I got a few days ago. Part of it is, I get fixated on certain things that I can’t get enough of for no good particular reason, like the way you used to fall for boyfriends in the tenth grade, and boom, everyday I am hunting some weird brand of German yogurt in the refrigerator and I don’t feel right until I get some. The other side of it it, it is so much easier to not have to think. “What do I want for dinner, oh, I know, exactly what I had last night.” I wear the same clothes for three days in a row for the same reason. The thing is, you can always mix and match. Remember garanimals? Think garanimals. I am buying mozzarella and tomatoes. You can dice the tomatoes with a little roasted garlic, olive oil and marjoram and toss them hot pasta and parmigiano reggiano, or you can go for the classic mozzarella and tomato sandwich with your olive oil from the gods, or yesterday, I made a salad by breaking up an old (good) loaf of Italian bread into pieces the size of walnuts, toasted them in olive oil and garlic, and then tossed them with the chopped tomatoes and torn mozzarella. Fry some parsley in the olive oil with the garlic, or your classic basil ripped in at the end. If you left the cheese out, it would be a beautiful thing served with shellfish.

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