The same soup

It’s nice to think about the possibility of eating something different every night, but the truth is, not everybody’s grocery store sells everything you need to do it, and not everybody in your family is going to be gung ho about the idea. A lot of people, including most people under the age of ten, like to eat what they know. A lot of people over ten like to eat what they know. You can go the route of picking one thing for each day of the week and sticking to it, but that can end up feeling like you are in some weird movie with no way out.
My grocery list is almost always the same, I just change the outfit. Nicoise olives are so good with asparagus, shallots and fresh basil in a pasta. The perfect appetizer would be a beautiful prosciutto with delicious bread. Or you can grind the same olives up with a little olive oil, lemon, thyme and garlic to make a tapenade to serve with a chicken breast and a bit of goat cheese. Maybe some garlic string beans on the side. Or make your same old red sauce with olive oil, garlic basil that you fry in the oil, and San Marzano tomatoes, and put the string beans in there with those olives. All you need for that is a little skirt steak, or even a piece of fresh tuna.

Potato leek soup is good on its own, or you can simmer broccoli, spinach, or tiny fresh peas in the soup right before you puree it. Serve it with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a shaving of pecorino and some fresh mint, or a little dressed arugula salad right on the top, with a dallop of fresh ricotta. Same soup, new wardrobe.

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