The tasting menu

Just in case you wanted to put your heels on and have yourself a cocktail party, here is a menu for you:

Roasted asparagus, nicoise olive and parmesan shavings on crouton
Roasted eggplant stuffed with fresh ricotta and fresh basil
Sliced coppa di parma and salume with fresh fennel
Fried zucchini paparedelle rolled around a little caper
Seared shrimp marinated in dijon mustard, garlic, fresh herb, garlic and olive oil
Sliced roast pork with fresh sage, rosemary and thyme on a biscuit
Poached salmon on a cucumber with mascarpone, fresh mint and lemon zest
Spinach sformata
Saffron risotto cakes
Caramelized onion tart
Skewered grape with gorgonzola

You could make three things or everything. Sometimes just a little is enough, and sometimes what you need is everything. Let me know if you want recipes, or if just dreaming on it is enough.

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