The To Do list

What to buy this morning:

1 blodgett zephaire 240 plus electric oven
1 double door fridge
1 single door fridge
1 under counter fridge
1 commercial dishwasher
1 baker’s rack
3 4(ft) prep tables
1 hand sink
a whole lot of bowls, whisks, sheet pans, spatulas, measuring spoons, cups and really cute peltex

Register w/NYC speed-it-up (business express)
I am already stumped. I can’t remember if I’m a limited liability corporation or partnership. Don’t worry they say. All you have to do is make sure you are certified personally by the Health Department (check), that you register with the Health Department to inspect your space so that the space is certified, you have workman’s comp, liability, and a tax id number. I have to do a pre registration and then a registration.

The guy I am ordering the oven from wants to know do I want a 3 phase or a single phase. What is that? Called Blodgett. I love technicians who answer the phone. I love technicians even more when they have an answer for me. I should have asked him what his name was. He told me that the 3 phase uses fewer amps (31) than the single and they are more efficient. Who knew? I checked the price on what my sales guy sent me. 2,400 dollars over budget on the oven. I got up and ate some watermelon. I tried to call France to make some changes in the schedule for teaching coming up. Ate too much watermelon in one go and couldn’t get through to France. Called the salesman. Figured out he was selling me a double deck! YES! Small victory–asked for the single deck oven instead and was back on budget. Really wanted to watch Orange is the New Black for the rest of the day, but I can’t. Made a note to call back France.

The architect called. We can’t use the backyard space unless we figure out a way to have less people back there.
Plan A: landscape it. Loads of flowers and vegetables and strategically placed tables. Plus twinkling lights. I am not letting anybody forget the twinkling lights. The architect said that was up to us.
Architect also wants to know do we want the grease trap on the main floor or the basement. I can tell you things like it’s impolite not to finish your food in Morocco and which river runs through the Niccone Valley. I can tell you how many days they have to turn the cheese in Parma and how to bake many, many cakes. Asking myself about grease traps is like asking an elephant about his cousin the penguin. More notes.

For lunch I had leftovers from last night’s burritos.
Guacamole with fresh lime and garlic
salsa w/chopped seeded tomatoes, finely chopped onions, cilantro, olive oil and red wine vinegar
Black beans and rice w/sauteed onion, garlic, coriander, bit of fennel seed, bay leaf, seeded dried red chili pepper, tiny bit of tomato sauce and sprig of cilantro, dab of butter til rice is tender. Chicken breast that had been marinated w/onion, lime and bay leaves, sliced up. Shredded sharp cheddar, whole milk yogurt (instead of sour cream) all wrapped up in a tortilla.
That I know how to do.

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