The truth

Ferd is in trouble for entertaining his music class. I don’t know what to say about this. He is a born performer. I know there is also great value in listening. And in learning not to upstage the teacher. And that the other students in the class are not there for the Ferd Show, they are there for music theory and to sing. Everyday he comes home with a note saying he didn’t quite measure up. Of course if he paid attention, the note wouldn’t say that. The thing is, if Jonathan wrote me a note everyday with checks next to all the things he noticed I did right and no checks next to ALL the things I did wrong, I would rip up the note before I even looked at it. That’s the truth. I know I can’t tell Ferd that, so instead I have been making him his favorite dinners. Last night was bacon, polenta with lots of butter and parmesan, and peas with shallot. For dessert, a coconut cupcake.

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