The Truth

You know about eating your vegetables.  You love fruit.  Your middle name is broccoli.  And if it’s not fresh, you don’t want to know about it.
Okay.  That’s all right.  I like it.  All I’m saying is do you Walk the Walk or do you just Talk the Talk?  There is a very vocal and visible part of America who are holding onto their half pound hamburgers and then it goes a little misty about which the group the rest us of stand in.  There is a group out there who know what’s good for them and they have cookbooks that tell you how to cook it. When it comes time to the Grocery Cart of that group however, I say it doesn’t look so different to the carts of the people that made Mr. Jamie Oliver cry.  Ask yourself if this sounds familiar:  You pass by the apples and some of those go in.  You walk past some greens, and might get some of those because you like greens and if you do or don’t you know your are going to find them next month sometime in a slick slurry in the same bag they came in.  So maybe not.  You think frozen peas, and head on over to the frozen food section and the frozen dinners start looking really good.  You get a stack of frozen dinners.  That snack aisle is crazy it’s so convenient: vitamins from green tea leaves and soy grits packed in a bar with chocolate for lunch and powdered (real) cheese corn puffs for a snack.  The soda aisle has way more flavors than the fruit aisle with sell by dates forgiving even to a herd of turtles and no calories.  You get a couple of packs and the sugar free, reminds you to head over to the jello aisle because if you aren’t too busy this week, you might have some time to boil a little water.  Instant oatmeal in envelopes to keep the dust under control go in the basket.  Milk goes bad so fast, it’s better just to buy the no fat half and half with the power punch of hazelnut.  Those jelly bellys at the check out–who can pass them up for the car ride home?

Stretch the hand out for baby arugula greens.  Power up those biceps and lift a yellow beet into the cart.  Hand curl your way around a pomegranate and make a salad.  Wash the greens and spin them round til dry.  Julienne or grate the beet.  Slice a bit of fennel paper thin.  Section out a mandarin so that you have no membrane and just the juicy fruit.  Dice a shallot.  Squeeze out a few pomegranate seeds.  Toss it all together with a few parsley leaves and the best olive oil you can get your hands on.  Give it some seasoning with sea salt and a grind of pepper.

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