There are creme filled Meringues in Cortona

And they are off. I have four beautiful women from Cincinnati this week as well as beautiful women from Stuttgart.
The night was still as stone, they said, and perfect for sleeping. It is the second day of the dead here in Italy, so I imagine that even though they didn’t make much noise, the spirits must have been leaping about. Anyway, we all woke up quite alive and filled up on French Toast with Cortona honey, raspberry jam, yogurt, granola, fruits and strong coffee. Until nearly 10:00 there was fog, but it has lifted now, and I am sure that Cortona must look splendid rising in the sunlight. Our trusty Jairo has carried the ladies away for the smells and tastes and shopping of Italy in Autumn, and they promised they would only eat a little lunch so that they would still have plenty of appetite for our lasagna that we will make this evening. I have no idea where the pasta machine is in this new house that we are in, so I will either have to go and borrow one from Giusepina next door in exchange for a cake or a bottle of wine, or roll out the dough myself.

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