There is always a limit

I tried to give them a second chance, but the ever popular food delivery service that I have been giving my all to muster up some love for, isn’t working for me. They made promises that made my heart beat–a beautfiul selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, and even lunch for Ferdinand. Yes, yes and ohh, yes!! But I don’t care what someone promises, and no matter how good they look, they have just so many times to let me down. The mussles were bad, they over-ordered my strawberries, I paid twice the price for beer, and they don’t want to talk to me.
I can forgive a lot, but if someone isn’t talking to you, there is no hope. When things are going bad in any relationship, make a list for yourself of pros and cons so that a tiny little pro like, “Lord, there has never been another man that can kiss like that”, doesn’t rob you of your brain matter, and outweigh things like, “he has never called me, not once.”
Maybe it was just my anger getting in the way, but my list of cons starting growing and I realized I don’t like buying fruit I can’t touch and smell, and I want to see the fish staring back at me before I stuff it with shallots and tomatoes and garlic and coriander. I’m getting on the train, I’m going up to Fairway, I’m buying a big red snapper, and all of those things I just said, to stuff inside it, along with some salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon, and I’m going to roast it uncovered at 350 degrees until it just begins to flake, and not a minute more. I’m going to serve it with little potato pancakes, and I’m going to hold ripe peaches up to Ferd’s nose and let him choose by smelling which one he wants for dessert.

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