Things to do at the airport

I knew her before I even saw my name on the sign.   I knew her when I saw her because that is my kind of crazy to meet up at London Heathrow between Rome and JFK with an hour to run from one plane to the next.  And it takes one to know one.   At passport control:
“How long will you be staying ma’am?”
“Thirty five minutes.” The customs man looks up.  
“What’s your plan ma’am”?
“I’m going to run out there, introduce myself to somebody, and hug them.  Then I,m going to come back in here.”
He checked my passport.  “Cheers.”
I met Fiona!  We sat in the coffee bar across from arrivals and talked about our kids and our mothers and gardening and then she walked me to security and hugged me again.  I can tell you she is absolutely beautiful.

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