Thinking outside the box, using what’s in it.

Have you ever opened up your refrigerator and said to all the food in there, “there’s nothing to cook, nothing–not that, not that, not that,” and you start eating jelly and bits of pickle until you give up, and have ice cream for dinner, which at least has more nutritional value than jelly. You just have to get over yourself. You have to psych yourself out and pretend you’re on “ready, set cook”. (I’m clutching at straws here I know, but it worked for me) I had a container of cooked, chopped potatoes that were left over from the pot pie. I had an egg, and I had some baby spinach. I toasted and crushed some coriander, my spice of the moment, and added it to a pan with olive oil, minced garlic and a tablespoon of chopped parsley. I threw in the potato and seasoned it with salt. I pushed it to the side, added another little tiny spill of olive oil, and then a few good handfuls of baby spinach. When the spinach wilted, I tossed everything together with a metal spatula so that I would get all the golden bits of potato and transferred it to a dish. I cracked an egg into the pan and fried it only until it was soft, using the lid to cover the pan so that the white would be cooked through. I lifted that onto my potatoes. If I hadn’t seen the spinach, I was later thinking that roasted tomatoes would have been equally good folded into the potatoes before the egg went on top. Or, I love cream of wheat with brown sugar, butter and milk.

2 thoughts on “Thinking outside the box, using what’s in it.

  1. Well,last night I looked in my fridge and this is what I ended up eating. A salad consisting of toasted bagel, mango, and big fat green olives with gorgonzola cheese stuffed inside them… I poured a little poppy seed dressing over it all. And yes, the ingredients were chopped into bite-sized pieces. Hint: eat a HUGE bowl of buttered salted popcorn as an appetizer and the flavor combinations in the salad won’t be so noticeable.

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