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Somebody just wrote to ask me did I know anywhere to go to eat, quick and cheap within walking distance of Times Square. It reminds me that I have to get out more. Certain New Yorkers, (myself) can get into a habit of avoiding the 18,463 choices of where to eat and just keep walking into the same old, same old like some kind of trusty pants. I am going to improve on this for 2008.
Here are my trusted moves:
Walk up 9th Avenue from 40th street. Jam packed with stuff, from all over, and doesn’t cost much (Wondee Siam, Papacito, Westside Sushi and for American food try Vynl, Eatery, or Westway diner.)
Go for the matzo ball soup at the The Edison Coffee Shop at the Edison Hotel. It is an old classic and good for soup and cheese blintzes (the rest isn’t so great) with very old NY coffee shop atmosphere. It’s at 228 W 47th Street between 7th Ave & 8th Ave. Amy’s Bread has great bread and sandwiches, little take away quiches at 672 Ninth Avenue between 46th & 47th Streets. The Little Pie Company has tons of different kinds of pies at 424 W 43rd St. (9th/10th ave).
If you can leg it up to Columbus Circle (it’s good to go for a walk in Central Park, even if you only do a corner of it–and it’s right there) go to Bouchon Bakery at the Time Warner Center. The chocolate bouchon is excellent, or they have a sandwiches, salads, and all kinds of deliciousness.
If you are feeling both hungry and super romantic, between Times Square and Columbus Circle (sort of), you could always get engaged at the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center. You just swag out onto the ice with the rest of them, all of a sudden, they call the rest of them off, and it’s you and the one you love, your song starts playing, you say what you have to say, and they give you champagne or hot chocolate (and a meal, but that’s extra).
That’s the thing about NY. You can eat out and have a pretzel or you can eat out and join the show.

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  1. OK, Faye, to the rescue please! I believe that we corresponded awhile back about dumplings. Well, last night I made some to throw in chicken soup and they were… slimy. A bit gooey. Is that what we’re after with dumplings, in which case I don’t think I like dumplings, or did I get the wrong texture? My recipe called for 2 cups flour, 1/2 cup milk, 2 tsps baking powder, salt and chopped chives. I’m afraid that when it comes to pointless carbs in soup, I’d opt for rice or noodles over these things, but I want you, please, to tell me if they sound wrong. I want to post the recipe for people who might want to cook dumplings, but not if I’ve screwed it up. This morning I got fresh baking powder and tried them again… same thing. Thank you!


    p.s. Your post made me miss NYC.

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