To work

5 am. On my way to the basement to get my whites from the dryer so I can I can iron them for work.
Tired and more tired but a break is coming!
Made a cannellini potato soup with rosemary and lemon yesterday trying to use the roasted potatoes from the day before. Don’t ever do it.
Especially in such large portions when you have to watch so many people eat it.
Give the potatoes away and start fresh.
Saute an onion with two leeks. Add one RAW potato that you peel and cube. Let it stick. Add rosemary twig and bay leaf, sprig of parsley and tiny shake of red pepper flakes. Add homemade stock to cover til taters are tender with a well rinsed can of cannellini. Add more stock to taste w/salt and pepper and squeeze of meyer lemon. Freshly grated Parm if you love it on the top.

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