To cook, or not to cook

Cooking is my forte, but what if I had the opportunity to have somebody come into my house and fix the problem I have with organizing, would I do it? I don’t think so. I could easily say that I would not be able to live with me, being as disorganized as I am, but to ask me to change that, would get below my nerves. I know how to organize as well as the next person, but the way I like to look at it is, I choose to spend my time doing other things. Having said that, I forced myself to clean my office last week. Not in the way it would be done by a clean freak, but clean(ish.) It had reached the point of where it was clearly working against me like never moving from the couch, with a bag of chips and the remote might. I can see my cookbooks. The level of dust has gone down considerably, and everything is where it should be. It can take me two minutes to find something instead of days. I know what’s on my calendar–I write on this year’s instead of last years now. There are advantages.

I am wondering if tonight’s Dinner Confidential featured guest isn’t a little uncomfortable with the two of us and a (motley) camera crew showing up at her house tonight. Dinner time is family time is private time, and here we come busting in, loaded with questions about how she does this and that and how we can help her, in effect, change how her family does dinner.

And you know what? It could be crazy to ask an executive with the job and responsibility and travel that goes with that, two small children and a husband and all that goes with that, to work in a home cooked family dinner, and all that goes with that.

Or it could just be a little bit of magic and happiness at 6:30 pm (some) nights. That’s what we’re shooting for.

One thought on “To cook, or not to cook

  1. Wow. It would be unnerving to have a stranger come in and cook for me. I’d be perpetually trying to help (which might not be appreciated) or apologize for my lack of … whatever ingredient/implement/space the guest chef needs. I agree, though – there are advantages (a chance to learn, to laugh, to grow). I certainly wouldn’t turn it down; but it might take a while for me to get use to the idea. Looking forward to seeing the result.

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