Too young to start smoking

Who won the Queen of the Compost prize last night? That’s right–Faye Delicious. I saved every leek root, asparagus peel, artichoke leaf and mushroom stem from the job and lugged it back from Manhattan in recycled grocery bags to my farmette in Queens. I couldn’t find Ferd’s flashlight, so I had to wait until this morning to dump it. No idea how long this bout of goodness is going to last–there is always the possibility I could start chain smoking and hanging out in curlers, bad lipstick and a house dress.
I stirred the whole thing up–that’s what they tell you to do–and it looks pretty good.
Except for making myself a lunch of Tre Colori Rice (red, brown and wild) with a dijon and fresh orange vinaigrette, toasted almonds and fenugreek infused picholine olives over a bed of sassy arugula, I have been useless today. Not even dressed and it’s 3 o’clock.
I have to remember if I’m working a job cooking soup to nuts for 15 I have to start a little earlier than noon–I’m too young to smoke.

One thought on “Too young to start smoking

  1. Tre Colori is available at Fairway Market. $6.49. Cough it up–it’s worth it. Rinse the rice really first, then simmer 1 cup rice with 2 1/2 cups water, salt to taste, splash of olive oil and sprig of thyme FROM YOUR FARMETTE!

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