TV has cured me. Again.

Normally I don’t watch television. I don’t have a television hook up. Not because I think it is so terrible. It just doesn’t move me.
Except when there is nothing else to be done, and then I watch it like it’s 20 feet ahead of me on the hot sand of a desert trek and I lost
my water bottle two days back. Then I watch it. Then the truth to be found in television is monumental.
So now I’m back. Now I’m going out on Saturday night. Now I have got a heart beat and I need to eat.

Saute a tight red onion with a peeled and finely chopped sweet potato, clove of garlic and a few sprigs of fresh thyme. When it’s tender give it a few cardamom pods, some red pepper flakes
or a diced red chili, and about a teaspoon of crushed coriander seed. Finely chop a knob of fresh ginger and add it to the mix along with a good shake of a mild curry powder. Drain and rinse a can of black beans. Put those in the pot with a half cup of basmati rice and 1/2 cup or more of coconut milk. If you need a bit more liquid, add a cup of water. Cover the pot until the rice is tender. Give it a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a tablespoon or two of butter. Taste for salt. Serve with chopped fresh cilantro.

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