TV Magic moves East

Miss “no-makeup-and-not-one-tight-piece-of-dermis” just got back from glam land. It is hard being over 17 in Los Angeles and my trick is to keep the focus below my ankles. My cute red shoes are worth every red cent I paid for them. I saw salads and palm trees bigger than life, ancient lips and breasts renewed to whale pup firmness, ate sushi and steak that was so good I could have cried, and spent an absolutely fabulous weekend that I will never forget with my friend Jeannie.
There is no tour guide like a best friend. We talked for hours at a cafe tucked in between the shops just down the street from the Brady Bunch house, we drove through Beverly Hills and admired the other half, walked to the highest points far and above for a view of the city below, ate and ate and ate some more, took turns on a massage chair, and capped it off with a tram ride to the dreamland of the Getty Museum.
And when I came home, a most amazing thing happened, that I would have never believed wasn’t a trick of TV smoke and mirrors, if I hadn’t eaten the goods–my real life husband sat down to study a Faye Delicious Cooking Video and made the potato leek soup step by step. Can I just say it was the best potato leek soup I have ever had. I am going to take full credit and say that in FAYEFOOD studios, highly effective bits of television are in the making.

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  1. So are you getting a video together or are you kidding? If you have a video, I want it. BTW, I googled you and it seems you have a past in movies…..would you like to explain??

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