Up on the soapbox

I don’t like artificial anything, I don’t like bells and whistles to make something different than it is, or somebody telling me anything but the truth.
I have never understood the idea of trying to make food meat if it’s not meat or butter if it’s not butter. I don’t eat a lot of meat and I don’t eat a lot of butter but when I eat it, that’s what I want to eat. I am a true believer that if all you want is a little bit of the real thing, and you go try to pretend it’s in a tub of oleo, you are going to slather that stuff all over your bread, feeling like you need way more of it to get you anywhere near satisfaction; even after triple portions all you feel is frustrated, a little depressed and wanting butter. Same with love.
For dinner I don’t feel like cooking. I’m having a sharp cheddar cheese and chunks of crisp apples and a nine grain roll jam packed with seeds and hard core grains, with butter.

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