I was up for a lot of the night. This morning, make up was not an option, but I decided a shower was a must. Even if you can’t shoot for cute, doesn’t mean you can’t be clean. Before the interview with the two producers, I met Kelie at the Whole Foods Cafe at Union Square. I ordered a small cammomile tea with two bags. When we sat down, I asked Kelie to give me just a moment so that I could do my dollar ninety five spa in a cup. For extreme puffiness, you put a hot cammomile tea bag on each of the eyes for about a minute and a half, or as long as you can stand the awkwardness. Kelie agreed it was a big improvement. The producers weren’t so impressed–not with my refreshed eyes or our project. There are times to agree, pull your head up out of the sand and quit, and there are times to listen, learn and keep working.
I said “we could argue that people like everything about cooking television the way it is just like we could argue that Americans are happier with the flavor of chicken stock cubes rather than homemade stock…
Or, we can offer them different and watch them change the channel to whole new kind of television.

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