Way too much

No seat for me on the flight from Rome to JFK because of overbooking so was rerouted from Rome to London 5 minutes before the gate closed and then as soon as I landed in London ran at top speed through the Heathrow to catch a connecting flight that was leaving three hours earlier than the one they had booked me on. Caught it just in time. And I looked really cute in my new sweater, especially if you didn’t look too close at the spider bites at the top of my left cheek. To ease my travel stress I ate a big milk chocolate bar with hazlenuts, four coconut orange cookies, a pack of tex mex rice crackers, bread sticks, a bitty bag of bite size lemon cookies, and the loaf of pizza heated to lava like tempuratures that they give you at the end of the flight. I look like I have been punched in both eyes from the salt intake.

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