What I cooked last week

Here are my menus and order list for working for an office in the city of 45; a few are on vacation. I love this job. I can cook whatever I want, I can order whatever I want to cook it with and the people I cook for are some of the nicest on the planet. My skin starts to jump when I think about how lucky I am that I love to cook with my whole heart and all my blood and bones and that’s what I get to do.

Day 1

Small soft flour tortillas w/marinated chicken, flank steak
Romesco Sauce
Avocado and tomatillo sauce
Salad of greens, radish, cucumber and red onion
Black beans and rice

Day 2

Pasta w/roasted zucchini spears, fresh basil and garlic
Lamb chops w/lemon and olive oil
Braised shrimp with fresh thyme, red chili pepper and shallot
Salad of fresh peaches, feta, mint and chive

Day 3

Seared Scallop w/lemon, cherry tomato, coriander, thyme and flat leaf parsley
Roast Pork loin w/rosemary sage and garlic
Roast potatoes

Day 4

Marinated chix breast w/dijon, thyme, lemon zest
Beet and fresh moz salad w/capers
Salad of cannellini, arugula leaves, parmesan shavings and red onion
pasta w/salsa verde

Day 5

Seared cod w/fresh tomatoes, basil and croutons
Tri tip w/arugula salad
string beans w/sauteed radicchio
corn chowder
green salad

Order List:


15 ears corn
2 pounds carrot
1 head celery
15 pounds yukon gold potatoes
20 heads garlic
8 pounds string beans
4 heads radicchio
10 pounds roma tomatoes
5 pounds beefsteak tomatoes
4 heads romaine
4 heads red leaf lettuce
2 pounds tomatillos
10 avocados
4 pounds fresh beet
15 bunches arugula
12 red onion
12 yellow onion
10 limes
10 lemons
4 cucumbers
2 bunches radish
5 pounds peaches
4 heads fennel
22 romesco zucchini (pale ridged variety)
10 male eggplant
8 redd pepper
4 packs cherry tomato


3 bunch basil
1 chive
1 rosemary
1 sage
4 thyme
1 tarragon
2 mint
8 parsley


1 half gallon whole milk
1 container heavy cream
moz. di bufala
1 pound parmigiano reggiano
2 pounds feta


8 pounds tri tip
10 pounds chix breast on the bone
5 pounds chix breast off the bone
4 pounds flank steak
30 pieces lamb chop (lollipop)
5 pounds pork loin (cut off the bone and retied onto the rib bones)


5 pounds sea scallop
2 (5) pound bag shrimp
1 side of a whole cod (or other firm fleshed white fish) to equal about 7 pounds


4 boxes DeCecco (2 penne, 2 orchiette)
3 packs or more small flour tortilla
2 pounds butter
2 pounds choc chip
2 boxes flat rolled oats
white flour
white sugar
brown sugar
dijon mustard
10 dried ancho chile
2 bags dried cannellini
4 cans black beans
2 cans san marzano tomatoes
2 pounds basmati
delicious black olives, green olives

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