What I have

Here is what I have:

An EIN number
An employer registration number from the NY department of labor
A certificate to operate
A food handler’s certificate
A certificate of authority from the NY department of taxation and finance
Disability insurance, liability insurance, unemployment insurance

A poster to read in case someone chokes, a poster to read in case anybody has allergies, a poster to inform workers about worker’s rights, a cpr kit with a poster that says the kit is behind the counter, a first aid kit, a sanitation bucket, paper strips to be sure I have the right balance of bleach to water for sanitizing dishes and wiping down counters and a grease trap the size of a small hotel. I have a hand washing sink with soap and paper towels within reach. I have a sneeze guard that goes the length of the counter and a faucet on a three compartment sink in the kitchen.
I have hats and aprons and bar towels. I have closed containers to hold 50 pounds each of flour and sugar.
I have a bathroom for customers with another sink with air gaps, soap and paper towels.
I have had an inspection by a pest control guy.
I have an eight rack oven, Goliath size mixing bowls, a dishwasher that will hold 170 degrees for thirty seconds.

I have no food or drink on the premises, because in order to pass the final inspection by the Health Department of New York City you can’t have food or drink on the premises.

I will be ordering everything this afternoon for everything to arrive on Friday morning.
Because I have hope.
That somewhere between the hours of 9 am and 4pm on Thursday, we will get the go ahead.

I made a turkey soup with the final remains of Thanksgiving. Dessert was gingerbread rabbits.

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