What is going to happen on Tuesday?

There is a whole lot less inventory in Deruta this morning than there was yesterday, and some very beautiful painted ceramic plates and rooster pitchers and other forms of gorgeousness stacked up in packages in our Casa San Martino.
A girl needs snacks after shopping. We made piadina (much like a handmade tortilla) from Emilia Romagna stuffed with cow’s milk fresh ricotta, an aged pecorino, some tiny bitter field greens, and heated the whole thing in the oven. Meanwhile, we built our fire in the fireplace for the pork chops, and in an hour we had the rest of dinner on the table. Before I could say have you finished the chocolate truffle cake, or would you like…the music was, the tables were shoved to the side, and we there were ten sets of hips and shoulders swinging to Marvin Gaye. And it was only Monday.

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