What is the point cooking what you don’t want to eat

Do you ever look at what’s on your plate, possibly even after years of eating whatever it is, and say to yourself, “I don’t like this”. Don’t eat it. Just pick up the plate, and either give it to the guy next to you and let him eat it, or throw it away. I bought a pair of pants last Spring just because they were marked down from 200 dollars to 50. I hate those pants. They are cut too low, they are the wrong color, and I don’t like bell bottoms. Eat what you love. I’m not saying to forget your manners at dinner parties, I’m just saying if you’re home and there is a only stew meat, and you you don’t feel like eating cow, there is no need to make yourself into the cleaning crew. I love my freezer for holding onto foods that I bought under the pressure of having to eat well.
At the moment I am moved by food that demands nothing from me. I bought grape leaves in a jar that are already stuffed with rice and mint and currants that are fantastic with a squeeze of lemon and a sauce on the side of whole milk yogurt and peeled and shredded, seedless cucumber, a little salt and minced garlic. Roasted red peppers, (350 degrees, cut out the seeds, cut off the tops and tails, cut them in half and roast toss them with kosher salt and olive oil until they are soft), black olives, French feta, and a cold and crispy Pinot Grigio.

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