When it rains

There’s more than one way to spend a cold and rainy night. You could start a diet with a can of zero and an old bag of baked chips, put your feet up and try not to think about it. Or you could light a fire til it,s cracking, and round up 11 cheeses so good you start speaking French.
Last night the salon at Champfreau was lit to the gills with a roaring fire and forests of candles. We tasted the best cheese I have ever met. We had a rich, creamy potato leek soup with a tiny dice of smoked ham and potato, bitter greens with a fresh tarragon vinaigrette, pickled beets so beautiful they could have hung from a Christmas tree, but were way too delicious, and for dessert, a tiny boulle of vanilla ice cream drowned in a cassis and berry reduction.
We ate and laughed til our sides cried uncle.
France is really good.

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