Where’ the beef

I have gotten to the point where I would rather wear the same clothes for five days running than have to make a decision. I am having dreams that wake me up at night and my vocabulary is suffering. Perfectly normal words like “capillary” ignore me all together and act like we’ve never been introduced. I know what the problem is. The problem is that I am asking too much of my weak and overworked head guts. I took the “you can do it” that some fool printed everywhere you look like Coke commercials at a drive-in way too seriously, and now I’m knee deep in “actually no, I cannot.”
The problem: I love it all, I want it all and I’m keeping it all.
I have no business telling Ferdinand it makes no sense to think like that when the truth is, it’s my Mantra.
If you’re suffering from the same thing, forget asparagus terrines wrapped with blanched watercress leaves and served with a coddled egg. Go all the way back to when all you had was a bicycle and homework. Nobody was making asparagus terrines.
Menu for the weary:
3 bean salad w/cannellini, fresh string beans, chic peas, fresh tarragon (all right, don’t hit me–flat leaf parsley) and a dijon vinaigrette
sliced cold roast beef (sear or not a roast beef after seasoning w/sea salt, cover w/sliced red onions, cherry tomatoes, bay leaf, parsley, thyme sprigs drizzle of olive oil and red wine or balsamic) w/ fresh thyme smashed in olive oil (I can’t help myself) or chopped tomatoes sauteed w/minced shallot, thyme sprigs and butter
potato salad w/dill, mayo mixed w/bit of sour cream or yogurt, chive, horseradish
avocado slices with lemons and salt
ice cream
chocolate chip cookies

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