Who out there has never had an orange?

Last night on the phone, my girlfriend told me that she volunteered to sell snacks at the high school to raise money.  She suggested clementines and bananas.  The event organizer said, “I don’t think that’s going to work.  I don’t think they are going to buy fruit.”

“They are definitely not going to buy it if it’s not offered.” my girlfriend said, and brought along a whole bucket of clementines and conviction to the cafeteria, and sure enough they weren’t that popular.  One girl had already spent 50 cents and was looking for something else to round out her dollar.  “These clementines are great” my girlfriend said, “two of these are worth that other fifty cents.”  “What is that?”  the girl asked her.  “It’s a clementine.  It’s like a little orange, only better and sweeter.”  “I’ve never had an orange before.”  This is what the girl said.  Right there in Illinois.  She has never had an orange.  My girlfriend handed over one of the clementines, on the house.  “Taste that,”  she said, “you’re not going to believe it.”  The girl put a section in her mouth.  “Oh my God” she said, “that’s crazy–that’s good.”

That’s fruit.

Holy Cow.

What to have with that yogurt and honey at breakfast?  Orange sectioned out with a knife so that you have only the juicy, naked fruit, medjool dates (take the pit out first and pull in half), wide slivers of lightly toasted coconut, and walnut halves.

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