You never know

Rain was predicted for the entire week, but sun is flooding through the cracks. You never know when without waiting or warning things might just go swimmingly well.  I tend to err on the other side–will my car make it down the dirt road without a short flight into the looming ditch, will I be blissfully teaching about the importance of searing and transgress with no possibility of return into the depths of the terrors of teflon, will I remember the vegetable?

I have good reason to worry, but even after breaking 2 glasses, losing the panel of the front door and the fear of full on scorpion attack, I am having a wonderful time.  Everbody got through knife skills without losing more than a few centimeters of fingernail and when I forgot to remember that I was meant to be serving a cucumber salad with mint, after only a few minutes of panic, I noticed carrots stacked in the pantry.  I sliced them every so thinly for a quick simmer in water seasoned with olive oil, a garlic clove and salt to make them already delicious before they even left their bath, and ready by the time the onion had caramelized with thyme and a bay leaf.  They were tossed together and finished off with another spill of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, (a shot of balsamic if you, but I didn’t have) currants and pignoli. 


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