You’ll know

I am not moving much from my desk chair because I am consumed. It’s not always convenient to be consumed.

It’s like air so clean it stops you moving or water rushing over you on the hottest day of August.  It’s falling in love hook, line and sinker. At the moment I’m in love a project.

I drag myself to the computer before the sun shows itself and stay here every minute I’m not needed by the exigencies of life. I’m almost positive that Ferdinand has invited dinner guests for Saturday night, so just in case I’m caught not ready I made some onions. I can make them part of a cheese board with saucisson, toasted nuts, dried fruits, and olives, or sear a pork loin, pour a half a bottle of a deep red wine into the pan and surround it with sage, thyme rosemary, garlic cloves, tomato and when it’s done, serve the onions with roasted potatoes on the side. There is only good in caramelized onions stirred into farfalle with parmesan, parsley, a little chicken stock, and a drop of cream to smooth the whole thing into a Saturday night supper.

Start by thinly slicing four small onions. Add a pour of olive oil to a heavy skillet along with a knob of butter (be sure your olive oil and butter are beautiful;) when it starts to sizzle, add the onions with two whole cloves, a bay leaf, a few sprigs of thyme, a parsley sprig. If you want to keep sliding, add a sliver of orange zest and a crushed cardamom pod. Give it a sprinkle of sugar–just a few pinches. Now a little pour of vinegar–sherry vinegar, red wine, or balsamic–they’re all good. Keep the onions over a medium heat and keep your eye on them. The onions are done when they are a deep golden and irresistible. If you think they’re done but you aren’t sure, keep going; you’ll know when you get there.

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