You’re a Liar!

I have one thing to say about that Mr. Wilson: Bad Manners.  And to Mr. West:  jumping up to say you disagree about who really deserves an award WHILE the girl is accepting her award is ALSO Bad Manners.

The day after Mr. Wilson shouted out like he was in some kind of divorce court, while somebody else–aka The President–was talking, people from his own party gave $500,000 to Mr. Wilson’s opponent.  And when Beyonce walked on stage to accept the Best Video of the Year award, she did not say “thank you Mr. West for causing such a scene for me, would you like to go to dinner?”  No. In what was supposed to be her own moment of glory, Beyonce called Ms. Swift onto the stage instead, to give the moment to Ms Swift, so she could say whatever she had planned on saying before Mr. West so rudely interrupted.

Beyonce should win an award just for that.

When stuff like this happens, it’s great for mothers everywhere.
Which brings me to my own home front, where we are struggling like the rest of ’em with manners.

On the one side:  They are not fair.  They are stupid.  They are boring.
On the other side:  They make living together possible.

Exhibit A:  “I hate this” during dinner.

Nobody wants to hear that; not the cook that made it, and not the other people who are trying to suffer through it.  “This is not my taste” says the same thing with a lot less stress.
Lunch is a whole lot easier.  I’m not there to monitor it, and I accept that Ferdinand wants the same thing everyday.   Just in case you are interested in more than peanut butter, or you are working on sharing at work, here are some suggestions:

Fajitas:  Sauted big chunks of red peppers and onion with either a little piece of seared steak (slice on the diagonal) or seared chicken, wrapped in soft tortillas.  Have it with corn cut off the cob, stirred around with a little mayo (or yogurt and mayo or olive oil), a little lime juice, some finely grated parmesan and a few grains of ground red hot pepper.

Burritos: while we are on the soft tortilla kick.  Make some black beans and rice (enter it into the search option of fayefood for recipe) and top with shredded cheddar and spicy arugula or baby spinach and wrap in tortilla-great room temp.

Curried chicken salad with thinly sliced green apple and a side of string beans

Roasted butternut squash soup with parmesan croutons

Mushrooms, red pepper, spinach, onion and eggplant  (just roast everything in it’s own space on a sheet pan) and then pile it all onto a ciabata with goat cheese.

Leftover seared salmon flaked into pasta with a squeeze of lemon juice, a dribble of olive oil, a rosemary sprig, a little minced shallot and garlic (and peas even) with a side salad.

a bento box of mixed dried fruit, your favorite cheese, toasted walnuts, slices of french bread and grapes

chicken skewers with peanut dipping sauce (peanut butter, lime juice, soy and rice vinegar) and a side of buckwheat noodles with scallions, lime juice, walnut oil and salt.

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